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IPP Combi

IPP  Combi represents the non-invasive and painless alternative for the treatment of urological conditions, such as Erectile Dysfunction or Induratio Penis Plastica (Peyronie’s Disease). These conditions are becoming more frequent negatively influencing both sexual and social life

Available treatments

        INDURATIO PENIS PLASTICA                                                                      ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION







Radial Shock Waves induce local vasodilation, restore blood circulation and stimulate the production of factors promoting neo-angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels), with consequent beneficial effects on the cause of the ED itself.



Focal Shock Waves have a double action: a physical action which favors the stabilization of the IPP plaque and a biological action on the tissues of the penis, which modulates the activity of the inflammatory cells that seem to be directly responsible of its formation. The aim is the interruption of the pathology progression and furthermore, in some conditions, there’s the possibility of having a plaque reduction.



A particular electric spiking system generates an impulse which produces a temporary increase of the permeability of the cellular membranes producing the so-called electropores. This non-invasive and painless technology, that could be defined as a “virtual syringe”, allows the transdermal delivery of active ingredients through the electropores without needles, granting high concentration and effectiveness only on the target areas.



Pain free, completely non-invasive


No needle, transdermal vehiculation of active ingredients


Preset Programs or direct entry of frequency and power parameters


It does not require the use of conductive creams


Software with Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] on a 15,6″ touch screen colour display


REMOTE CONNECTIVITY: software update and technical data analysis


Technical Specifications
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