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IPP Combi: TQG’s brand-new device for male wellness

After years of studies, comparisons and experimentations, the constant and advanced TQG’s R&D activity brought to the ideation of a new, innovative device: IPP Combi, the non-invasive and painless solution dedicate to fight and minimize the pathologies of the male genital organ.

In fact, the penis is always considered the male identity symbol, and for this reason, the problems related to it are often source of anxiety and psychological problems for men.

When we talk about sexuality could be easy to commit an error: the one of simplify a lot of issues and, instead of pay attention in determined and inevitable shades, we are often guided and influenced by stereotypes and preconceptions that can trap us in rigid or counterproductive expectations.

So, not being able to join for certain standards created by the collective imagination may lead the risk to feel discomfort and suffer, first of all to a personal level and, consequently, with the partner.

The purposes of IPP Combi are those to fight and delete all that disorders related to the penis that negatively affect both on the sexual activity and on life style, including: erectile dysfunction, Induratio Penis Plastica, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and many others.

To do that, the innovative device designed and produced by the TQG’s scientific team, implements two cutting-edge technologies:

  • Electroporation, a method that allows the non-invasive transdermal vehiculation of active principles specifically where it is necessary, thus favouring a higher concentration only on the target tissues.
  • Shock Waves, a technology particularly indicated for the stabilisation and reduction of the plaque on the Induratio Penis Plastica and in stimulate the production of useful factors for the creation of blood vessels to delete erectile disorders.

IPP Combi represents the ideal device to face and defeat the male intimate pathologies, helping the man to find that personal and sexual wellness that seems to be disappeared.