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A growing market

The new requirements of the Specialists

During the past few years, new discoveries in scientific-medical field have opened new borders of medicine, bringing a radical change on the specialist figure: he/she is not more the one who has as his/her only scope the sickness healing, but also the psycho-physical wellness of the person.
At the same moment, the daily flow of patients at the doctors' surgery is decreased due to different factors, and a part of these professionals has considered new opportunities, already operative to integrate at the prevalent business.

Medical Body Point Devices

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Radiofrequency and Electroporation in Aesthetic Medicine and Physiotherapy, Fractional Radiofrequency, Intradermal Radiofrequency and Radio scalpel

Velvet Skin Intra Plus


Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Radiofrequency and Electroporation for treatments of genital diseases

Vagy Combi

Integrated Diagnostic System

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Shock Waves and Electroporation for treatments of the Induratio Penis Plastica and erectile disorders.

IPP Combi

Ondes de choc

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Focused ultrasounds and Electroporation in Aesthetic Medicine.


Focused Ultrasounds

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Subcutaneous Ultrasonic Lipo Emulsification, Transdermal Hydrolipoclasy and Transdermal Cavitation

Cav Cell Intra Plus

Transdermal Cavitation
Ultrasonic Lipo Emulsification
Transdermal Hydrolipoclasy

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Shock Waves in Aesthetic Medicine and Physiotherapy

Shock Cell

Shock Waves

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Mini-invasive dermatologic surgery in aesthetic medicine.

Radio Skin


Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Carboxytherapy in Aesthetic Medicine: medical CO2 micro-infiltrations

Carbo Top


Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Pulsed Light in Aesthetic Medicine

Photo Eclair

Intense Pulsed Light

Immagine dispositivo apparecchiatura Diode laser: Photo-epilation in Aesthetic medicine

Laser Eclair

Diode Laser

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