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Shock Cell

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Shock Waves in Aesthetic Medicine and Physiotherapy

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Shock Cell represents the ideal solution to treat PEFS (in common, “cellulite”). With this non-invasive and totally painless technology, it’s possible both to treat all type of cellulite and localized adiposity, obtaining a reshape of the body, and also guarantee efficient results, treating pathologies in physiotherapy field.

Available treatments

Aesthetic medicine: Localized adiposity, Cellulite, Orange peel skin

Physiotherapy: Elbow pain and golfer’s elbow, Insertional tendinopathies, Impingement, Patellar tendinopathy, Pes anserinus tendinopathy, Groin, Achilles tendinopathies, Calcaneal apophysitis, Plantar fascia, Calcaneal spine


Shock waves
Shock waves have a direct effect on the target tissue improving the visible aspect of the orange peel skin. They also have a biological effect, from which it derives an anti-inflammatory and stimulant action on fibroblasts and osteoblasts: it’s for this reason that shock waves are used both in aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy.


• It does not require conductive creams
• Adjustable impulse frequency and power
• Compact device
• The device is equipped with focal heads for physiotherapy use, and radial heads with Vacuum, if used in aesthetic medicine.
Vacuum presence allows to obtain an improvement of the microcirculation and an increase of the lymphatic-venous drain.
• All of the parameters are displayed on a 10.1” colour touch screen
• The software is designed according to the Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] concept to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Technical specifications

– Power supply 100÷240 V, 50÷60 Hz
– Max power consumption 300 Wmax
– Electrical safety class I BF
– IP Protection rating IP40
– Electromagnetic pulse technology
– Pulse frequency 1÷16 Hz settable from software
– Energy 60 mJ – 185 mJ
– Maximum pump suction 200 mbar
– 10.1″ colour touch screen with embedded PC
– Operating temperature 15÷35 °C
– Operating humidity 30÷75% without condensation
– Dimensions L 45 x H 96 x D 41 cm
– Weight 10 kg


Manipolo con testina radiale e vacuum (medicina estetica)

Manipolo con testine focali intercambiabili (fisioterapia)

N.01 power cable
N.01 footswitch
N.01 hand piece
N.01 RADIAL and VACUUM head (aesthetic med.)
N.04 FOCAL heads (physiotherapy)
N.02 Rubber bump stops

Equipment certified in accordance with Directive 2007/47/EC Corrective Directive 93/42/EC

Top Quality Group reserves the right to change the above information without prior notice and, in any case, these information are not valid for contractual purposes

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