Hifu Top represents an effective non-invasive alternative to surgery lifting; through the use of two technologies like electroporation and high intensity focused ultrasounds, allows the patient to quickly obtain sensible improvements in skin rejuvenation and reshaping and re-toning of the skin of face and body.

Usable treatments

Sagging skin, Forehead wrinkles, Periocular wrinkles, Nose-to-mouth wrinkles, Nose-to-mouth lines, Rough and ageing skin, Acne vulgaris, Chin and cheeks laxity, Double chin, Localised adiposity, Weight loss failure, Abdominal laxity, Cellulite, Muscular hypotonia


It is a non-invasive and painless technology that could be defined as “virtual syringe”. A particular electromagnetic impulse allows the transdermal absorption of active ingredients without needles, granting high concentration and effectiveness only on the target areas.

High intensity focused ultrasound
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the technology that delivers selective thermal energy into the subcutaneous tissue in order to stimulate and renew collagen, improving the texture and reducing skin sagging. With focused ultrasounds, it is possible to achieve results equivalent to invasive methods.

The system is made by 5 transducers: 3 for face, able to concentrate the ultrasonic bundle on three different tissue’s depth able to stimulate and renew collagen, improving texture and reducing skin relaxation; 2 for body, two depths that induce a lipolytic and firming action.


• 5 heads (function FACE 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, function BODY 8.0 mm, 13 mm) which act at different depths of the skin. The energy passes through the skin without leaving sequelae.
• Easy to control and manage
•Automatic scan of the energy spots (settable by software)
• All of the parameters are displayed on a generously-sized 10.1” colour touch screen
• The software is designed according to the Friendly Human-Machine Interface [FHMI] concept to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Technical specifications

– Power supply 100÷240 V, 50÷60 Hz
– Max Power consumption 250 W
– Electrical safety class II BF
– Protection rating IP IP40
– Ultrasound Frequency 4 MHz, 7 MHz
– Ultrasound Power Density Max 3 W/cm2
– Max electroporation voltage 120 V @ 1000 ohm
– Electroporation impulse frequency 1÷3000 Hz, settable
– 10.1″ colour touch screen with embedded PC
– Operating temperature 0÷40 °C
– Operating humidity 30÷75% without condensation
– Dimensions L 45 x H 96 x D 41 cm
– Weight 6 kg


N.01 power cable
N.01 HIFU transducer – face
N.01 cartridge for HIFU 1.5 mm
N.01 cartridge for HIFU 3 mm
N.01 cartridge for HIFU 4.5 mm
N.01 cartridge for HIFU 8 mm
N.01 cartridge for HIFU 13 mm
N.01 transducer for medical electroporation
N.01 buckskin plate for electroporation
N.03 5 ml Pic syringes
N.01 accessory case
N.01 elastic band
N.01 electroporation cable kit

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Focused ultrasounds and Electroporation in Aesthetic Medicine.

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Equipment certified in accordance with Directive 2007/47/EC Corrective Directive 93/42/EC

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